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Tiffany Mac Isaac, who owns the Buttercream Bakeshop in Washington DC, revealed a client gave her a photo of Obama's cake with the directive to create the 'exact' one for Trump's 'Salute to Our Troops' ball on Friday.Duff Goldman, who created the nine-layer cake four years ago, posted two photos of the nearly identical cakes on Friday night and hinted his work had been 'plagiarized'.

Goldman posted two photos of the cakes and tweeted: 'The cake on the left is the one I made for President Obama's inauguration four years ago. I didn't make it.'He followed up the subtle accusation with a skeptical, confused emoji.

The post was retweeted 100,000 times and liked by more than 195,000 people since it was posted.

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Duff Goldman was born to a Jewish family in Detroit, Michigan. While in the second grade he had nearly cut off his pinkie finger which made him strike on his head that he was particularly designed to be in the kitchen.

This incident really showed his future pathway as a chef.

Addressed as the best cake makers in the global level, Goldman excels in straining imaginations into the pieces of pastry arts.

Duff brought his unique style of baking into a Food Network audiences as host of hit food show called Ace of Cakes.

He had a short-lived show called Sugar High in 2011, in which he traveled across American states stationing by Los Angeles, Dallas, New Orleans, Chicago, Boston and Philadelphia to learn unique recipes from the top dessert destinations.

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